President's Message

It is July 2021. The SD Prowlers are doing well. We continued to meet throughout the Kung Flu pandemic outdoors in El Monte Park (Lakeside, CA.)

The venue seems to suit us well. We have entertained going back to the restaurant who always welcomed us to use their banquet room but have opted to stay in the park. Attesting to So Cal reputation for nice weather, we have not missed a meeting and at least half the members drive their hot rods.

Heading into 2022 and contemplating our 75th anniversary, we are being encouraged by our contemporaries to host another picnic.

We have reserved El Monte Park, Section 4 on June 4th, 2022.

We will keep you posted here. Until then, Keep the Shiney Side Up!

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Upcoming Events Short List !

Labor Day  Swap @ Santee Drive-in

Oct 3-5      Del mar Good Guys

May 5      Freddy Castro Remembrance

June 4     Prowler 75th Anniversary

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San Diego Prowlers Hot Rod Club

P O Box 1914

Lakeside, CA 92040


Phone:  (Jim Reid) 619-223-4031 (Unattended Line-Please Leave Message)

Email:   (Andy Bekech)

Webmaster: Mike Brattland 


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