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Prowlers Car Club History

And so it was, the Prowlers came to be in 1947.  Born out of a desire to race and the need for a car club to become members of the Russetta Timing Association, (R.T.A.).


Ed Stewart was a member of the Southern California Timing Association, S.C.T.A., and offered some of the fellows the chance to race as his guest at the El Mirage dry lakes (now a part of Edwards Air Force Base).  But the rules of the S.C.T.A. said you had to have a roadster to race.  Coupes and sedans were not allowed.

So the guys, seven or so decided to form a club to gain membership in the Russetta Timing Association (R.T.A.) which allowed all car models and body styles.


Left to Right; Gene Nichols, Hoot Gibson, Ed and Bob Stewart,  Harold Spelts with Norm Urban.


The search for a club name began with some interesting suggestions like the Crank Twisters, the Ride Riders and the Screw Drivers. Yeah right! How bout the Roadents, Dusters or the Coupes? All original but not really about the guys involved.

Frank Wilkinson, September 12, 1948 at El Mirage Dry Lake (105.26 MPH)

Then Frank Wilkinson suggested since we are just prowling around,  always on the go, how about the Prowlers? 


Then the seven charter members  went about writing rules, deciding on club colors and started meeting once a week.  It was decided that all members must have a 1940 or older Ford and all prospective members had to be sponsored by a current member to be considered for membership.  Years later the rule of the year of the car was changed to 1948. The club membership is limited to 30. Today, we're meeting twice a month and still going strong.  All the new members' cars had to pass inspection by the club and every car required a few modifications to qualify.

Often they would meet at Ed Stewart's house.  Ed was known for making burgundy wine and everyone thought his burgundy wine had a deep rich color and tasted great ... the rest is history.

Prowler meeting with some guest  Jan 13,1949 at Frank Wilkinson's house.  22 members present.

Ace Carnahan's girlfriend,  now his wife Ella was a majorette and knew some people that could make up club jackets. Hoot Gibson (yes it's his real name) came up with the design, everyone agreed with the "T" roadster logo and the first Prowler jackets were produced. Jim Bradbury designed the logo in use today in the mid 50's. Jim recently recreated the current logo drawing and presented it to the club at our 60th Anniversary picnic. Thanks, Jim! Dick Wilson was awarded jacket number one and Frank Wilkinson remembers his was number seven, his lucky number.  Ace, (our only Charter Member) and Ella with their '40 Ford coupe of today.