President's Message

It is July 2021. The SD Prowlers are doing well. We continued to meet throughout the Kung Flu pandemic outdoors in El Monte Park (Lakeside, CA.)

The venue seems to suit us well. We have entertained going back to the restaurant who always welcomed us to use their banquet room but have opted to stay in the park. Attesting to So Cal reputation for nice weather, we have not missed a meeting and at least half the members drive their hot rods.

Heading into 2022 and contemplating our 75th anniversary, we are being encouraged by our contemporaries to host another picnic.

We have reserved El Monte Park, Section 4 on June 4th, 2022.

We will keep you posted here. Until then, Keep the Shiney Side Up!

Want to Become a Member?

Are you interested in becoming a member but still have some questions? For more information, just email us at . We look forward to hearing from you!



Upcoming Events Short List !

Labor Day  Swap @ Santee Drive-in

Oct 3-5      Del mar Good Guys

May 5      Freddy Castro Remembrance

June 4     Prowler 75th Anniversary



San Diego Prowlers Official Hot Rod Judging Form

Entrant Number: _______            Class:   OPEN____     CLOSED____

Year: ____   Make: _______ Model: ________   Mod: ___________ Color: __________

Scoring is 1=Good, 5=Excellent.  All judged elements must be visible


Body.        Check for condition, damage, quality and detail.            25 points

                  1.  Body                                                                        _____

                  2.  Paint/decoration (striping, flames, graphics)                _____

                  3.  Chrome                                                                    _____

                  4.  Workmanship                                                            _____

                  5.  Original metal                                                           _____        Subtotal _____



Interior.  Check for condition, quality, detailed and clean.                25 points

                  1.  Seats                                                                        _____

                  2.  Doors/panels                                                             _____

                  3.  Floor Covering                                                           _____

                  4.  Trunk/Pick up bed                                                      _____

                  5.  Dash, Steering wheel, Console                                    _____        Subtotal _____



Engine compartment. Check condition, quality, detail                      25 points

                  1.  Chrome/polished/paint                                               _____

                  2.  Points for non SBC/LS engine                                          _____

                  3.  Exhaust system                                                         _____

                  4.  Wiring/Accessories                                                     _____

                  5.  Detail/cleanliness                                                       _____        Subtotal _____

COMMENTS: ______________________________________________________


Safety. Check condition, quality, detail                                            25 points

                  1.  All lights/lenses/glass                                                  _____

                  2.  Wheels/tires/suspension                                              _____

                  3.  Brakes                                                                       _____

                  4.  Mirrors                                                                       _____

                  5.  Safety restraints                                                         _____        Subtotal _____



Bonus for special features IF they add to WOW factor.                    30 points

                  1.  Mods (Chop/channel/low/rake/tail dragger, etc)            _____

                  2.  Speed Eqmnt (carbs, blower, quickchange)                  _____

                  3.  Image/period theme (does it nail a look?)                    _____

                  4.  Innovation (something different that works)                 _____

                  5.  Add points for pre ’49 Ford                                          _____

                  6.  Add points for a car that is driven                                _____ 

Subtotal _____

COMMENTS: ______________________________________________________


                                                                                                                              GRAND TOTAL___________