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Upcoming Events Short List !

May 5    Freddy Castro remembrance

June 9   Early Times picnic 

Sept 19, 2015 we helped Prowler Charter member Ace Carnahan and Ella celebrate their wedding anniversary. It was a special day...we managed to find old Prowlers (I'd never met) Nick Nichols and Dave Schaefer. It was a very nice celebration with perfect weather and wonderful catered mexican feast!

Left à Right: Jeff Walls, Jim Reid, Gene "Nick" Nickols" Charter Member #10, Dan Biggs, Dave Schaefer", member # 55, Andy Bekech, Jim ‘Ace’ Carnahan, Bill Larson, Ella Carnahan, Marty Simonides, Ken Polesky, Les Hilgers and Johnny Vinta.

 Prowler T-Shirt Quilts

Nancy Simonides constructed these two quilts made from MOST of the club's Old Timer Picnic t-shirts.  There are 40 shirts from over the years donated by past and present members.  The project took 3 years from planning to finish.  The quilts were displayed for the first time at the 2012 picnic at the club's t-shirt booth. They truly are amazing!!