Our Annual Picnic

President's Message


Hello to our website visitors. The San Diego Prowlers are now well into our 71st year.  It is August and it's hot even in San Diego. This was our first Summer since the early '70s that we haven't staged our annual

"Picnic and Ol' Timers Reunion". It really feels good to relax a little and have time to drive our hot rods and maybe even work on them a little. 

As promised we are reinventing ourselves back into "doing whatever we want" for a change and leave the event planning to promoters who enjoy that stuff!


We are still the unchallenged "oldest hot rod club" continuously corrupting young men since 1947 so please dig in to our webpages and visit the hot rod club that has been there the whole time. See the men, cars and their hobby from post WWII to the present that was the laboratory of power and style that helped shape today’s automobile. 


Thanks to Steve Waldron for another year of great T Shirts.

Many thanks to our famous racing and hot rodding artist Bob McCoy for our amazing 2013 T shirt art !

SPEEDWAY MOTORS sponsors of our 2012 and 2013 Annual Picnic.


SPEEDWAY is one of the oldest speedshops and the Prowlers are one of the oldest hot rod clubs

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New Website!

Welcome to our new / updated website.

Active Prowlers membership List

Currently the San Diego Prowlers have 19 members.  Here is a listing of names, cars and years in the club.


Member's Name Member's Club Car


Andy Bekech

1940 Ford Coupe 1957
Ace Carnahan (Charter Member) 1940 Ford Coupe 1947
Clem Chavez 1934 Ford Coupe 2008
Ray Gauthier 1928 Ford Hiboy Roadster 1972
Bob DeBurn 1932 Ford Roadster Hiboy 2018
Monte Hale 1929 Ford "A" Roadster (Fendered Roadster) 1970
Roger Honey 1927 Ford "T" Roadster  2016
Les Hilgers 1932 Ford Roadster (high-boy) 2001
Calvin King 1932 Ford Roadster  2017
Bill Larson 1932 Ford 3-window fenderless Coupe 2004
Ken Polesky 1928 Ford Phaeton & 1933 Ford Sedan Delivery 1972
Jim Reid 1927 Ford "T" Modified Roadster & '32 Ford Hiboy 1968
Marty Simonides 1927 Ford "T" Roadster Pick-up & 1936 Ford Humpback Sedan 1971
Swede Sommer 1932 Ford Sedan 1972
Bob Smith 1927 Ford "T" Roadster & 1932 Ford Roadster (High-boy) 1968
Steve Waldron 1948 Ford Coupe 2015
Jeff Walls 1934 Ford Cabriolet 2012
Hank Williams 1939 Ford Coupe  
Bob Wolin 1929 Ford "A" Roadster & 1931 Ford Coupe 1966