President's Message

It is the end of 2019. The SD Prowlers are entering our 73rd year driving souped up old Fords and enjoying every minute of life.

The Prowlers hot rod club have chosen a new president so it is time to begin another chapter in this book.

The roaring 20s are just around the corner. Look forward to more traditional hot rod fun!


ps: Hey we have a very nice 2020 calendar available.  There are three pages dedicated to our history and the rest are pictures of our contemporary "driven daily" hot rods...all on nice paper and excellent photography of course. The cost is $10 . If we have to take it to the Post Office add $5. If interested email 

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Upcoming Events Short List !

Jan 24-6  GNRS @ Pomona Fairplex

Feb 20-2  Big 3 Swap Meet

Apr 3-5    Del mar Good Guys

May 5      Freddy Castro Remembrance

Jim Reid - Active Prowler Member

Member # 101

Secretary 2010, 11

President 2012-2017


“Street rods move the body. Roadsters move the soul!!!”


Hi! I’m Jim Reid.  I don’t know when I really became a hot rodder.  My revered Uncle Harold and grandfather were mechanics.  I first subscribed to Hot Rod magazine at 14.  I hung around the neighborhood gas station after my paper route to see the hot rods that would drop in to visit. I ditched my homework to watch 77 Sunset Strip hoping to see Kookie’s T roadster for just 3 seconds!  I could never shake the desire to build a "cool" car. 




My first hot rod came out of a 1927 Ford T bucket and Model A frame I bought from Carl Burnett in 1964.  One afternoon in 1966 I found an invitation to a Prowler meeting left on the seat by Curt Holmquist and later joined the Prowlers.  I drove that car less than a year when it became obvious the T Bird engine and 39 ford box wouldn’t ever live up to my expectations.

  The '27 roadster body got a new frame and running gear using the new Ford/Shelby 289 and automatic.  It was fast (really fast!) and fun.  We drove all over So.Cal.--Visalia, L.A.Roadster shows, Huntington Beach, the annual Prowler run to Palm Springs at Easter and Halloween Parties in Pauma Valley. 



"One roadster on the road is worth two other rods in the garage."



In 1970 I got married, you probably know this story.  The real estate market was hot.  I turned the roadster into a house down payment and focused on being married, holding a job and raising a family.  After 32 years of watching hot rods cruise past my house on Sunday afternoon while I was mowing the lawn,  I started a third roadster in 2001 and brought it to a Prowler meeting in late 2008.



“If you wait, all that happens is that you get older.”


I wanted it to capture elements of the late 40's homebuilt Model T modifieds of the dry lakes, salt flats and dirt tracks.  I've used designs and in some cases used retired parts of early racecars mixed with more contemporary ideas and materials and have kept it homebuilt.   The engine is a 302 Ford with a 4 speed aluminum toploader and old Champ quickchange.  Four corner aluminum drum brakes are from 1976 and 87 Buicks.  Wheels are Ford pattern 15” and 17” wires.  The steering gear is an old Schroeder racing unit.  An old Ford windshield is chopped to less than half height.  Instrumentation utilizes Stewart Warner gages from the 60's.

 The rest of this story is about now. The Prowlers are my brothers. We cruise, dine, talk about old times and new.  We are a social club organized around the traditional Ford hotrod.  We build, drive and dream hotrods.  Hotrods are in our blood.  We encourage younger guys to get a hot rod and enjoy this hobby. We treasure and share our traditions and do good things.   


If you would like to be a part of this tradition, consider joining the Prowlers. The basic requirements are a 1948 or older Ford with three modifications, in finished condition and attention paid to detail.