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May 5    Freddy Castro remembrance

June 9   Early Times picnic 

Les Hilgers - Active Prowler Member

Les joined the Prowlers in 2001.  If you open a magazine and see a faded green hiboy cruising around the San Diego back country...for sure it is Les!

This is Les' 1932 hiboy roadster and he DOES drive it



Here is Les on the road. Caught this in a magazine article.

This is an original hotrod from yesteryear that Les found. It was subject of a magazine centerfold article in 2017.

Les has an old Bonneville car...really old :- )

Here is Les' "daily driver" hot rod again. This car gets everywhere...just open a magazine with coverage of a north San Diego county road run and this car will likely be in it!

Here is one of Les' rides that we don't see much of.

I wonder if he is going to race that thing?

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