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Want to Become a Member?

Are you interested in becoming a member but still have some questions? For more information, just email us at . We look forward to hearing from you!



Upcoming Events Short List !

May 5    Freddy Castro remembrance

June 9   Early Times picnic 

Associate Members of the Prowlers

The Associate Member classification is for fellow members who have moved out of state but still want to remain a Prowler.  With this classification the member can still run the club plaque and wear his jacket and still consider himself an active Prowler.  We're all very proud to have these guys sticking with us.  This is a new idea that has just been started in the last year. At this point we have 4 members in this category and look forward to having more in the future.  At the present time the 3 members are: 

  • Dave Adams
  • Jerry Baltes, 
  • John LaBarre 

We will be presenting a bio on each of these members and the ones to follow as we get the information.  So be sure to check back and follow up on our new Associate Member presentation.