President's Message

It is July 2021. The SD Prowlers are doing well. We continued to meet throughout the Kung Flu pandemic outdoors in El Monte Park (Lakeside, CA.)

The venue seems to suit us well. We have entertained going back to the restaurant who always welcomed us to use their banquet room but have opted to stay in the park. Attesting to So Cal reputation for nice weather, we have not missed a meeting and at least half the members drive their hot rods.

Heading into 2022 and contemplating our 75th anniversary, we are being encouraged by our contemporaries to host another picnic.

We have reserved El Monte Park, Section 4 on June 4th, 2022.

We will keep you posted here. Until then, Keep the Shiney Side Up!

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Upcoming Events Short List !

Labor Day  Swap @ Santee Drive-in

Oct 3-5      Del mar Good Guys

May 5      Freddy Castro Remembrance

June 4     Prowler 75th Anniversary

Dave Adams 1935 Ford Coupe 

I was hooked on hotrods by the age of 9. I had my eye on a '31 Ford pickup gasser and a '55 Chev. Growing up, my Dad bought and sold cars in San Diego. I was lucky to have my hands on all makes and models of cars. He tried to convince me that cars should be left stock but I wanted them faster and louder. I wanted a hotrod. 


Fast forward to my first hotrod.  A 1931 Ford 5 window coupe with full fenders and a rumble seat.  As a lover of cars, after a couple years of fun, it had to go so I could have a new toy. My collection of cars over the years have included:  '65 Impala SS, '67 Camaro RS, '55 Chev 2dr post, '53 Bel Air post, '68 Camaro RS/SS, '68 El Camino, '64 El Camino, '56 Bel Air post, '56 Nomad, '68 Camaro SS, '59 Buick Invicta, '49 Ford business coupe, '67 Impala convertible, '55 Chev gasser, '72 Chev pickup, '67 GMC pickup, '68 Camaro and my favorite, a '35 5 window Coupe.

 I met my wife Lorrea at her Dads Celebration of Life. Beside the fact that we both love cars, we also both grew up in San Diego. Lorrea was around cars her whole life. Her Dad was Bob Biehler who built hotrods, raced stock cars and was friends with many of the Prowlers. When she was young, her family attended Prowler picnics. When we got married, she came with a '66 Chevelle.

In 2014 we were lucky to have the opportunity to buy back the '35 5 window coupe I sold to a friend. We also made the decision to move to San Diego. We packed up, kissed the kids goodbye and brought the '35 and '66 with us. We have had a blast driving all over San Diego county. Lorrea met Monte Hale, talked about the Prowlers and the rest is history.

About Lori’s dad, Bob Biehler

In 1973, Bob started building a '23 Model T turtle deck with fenders .

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 It was painted red, white and blue to celebrate the bicentennial year. Lorrea fondly remembers this car and has pictures of it from the Prowler picnic at Santee Lakes. She mentioned on several occasions "what ever happened to that car."  I decided I had to find it.

I was able to track the car to North Hollywood. With many pictures and details from my mother in law, I was able to confirm that yes, this is her Dads car. And Yes, she had to have it !!