Our Annual Picnic

President's Message


Hello to our website visitors. The San Diego Prowlers are now well into our 71st year.  It is August and it's hot even in San Diego. This was our first Summer since the early '70s that we haven't staged our annual

"Picnic and Ol' Timers Reunion". It really feels good to relax a little and have time to drive our hot rods and maybe even work on them a little. 

As promised we are reinventing ourselves back into "doing whatever we want" for a change and leave the event planning to promoters who enjoy that stuff!


We are still the unchallenged "oldest hot rod club" continuously corrupting young men since 1947 so please dig in to our webpages and visit the hot rod club that has been there the whole time. See the men, cars and their hobby from post WWII to the present that was the laboratory of power and style that helped shape today’s automobile. 


Thanks to Steve Waldron for another year of great T Shirts.

Many thanks to our famous racing and hot rodding artist Bob McCoy for our amazing 2013 T shirt art !

SPEEDWAY MOTORS sponsors of our 2012 and 2013 Annual Picnic.


SPEEDWAY is one of the oldest speedshops and the Prowlers are one of the oldest hot rod clubs

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Past Prowler Joe Vidali

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Happiness and gasoline go together!  137 cars & trucks so far, luckily 4 magazine covers.  It started in the 6th grade, I couldn’t stop!  Motorcycles, customizing cars, and “borrowing” cars.  I got drafted after college, decorated Army, and back to college for a Ph.D.  Ended up a professor at San Diego State, and developing the first practical computerized automotive collision estimating system.  

In the 70’s building fold out trailers out of Nomads and Safaris, cheap back then!  The magazines called them Half Mads!! 

Then it was Automotive Information Clearinghouse serving hobbyists and insurance companies.  Fun!  Many car clubs, but the Prowlers were special, and difficult to join. 

Took me 3 years, 3 cars, a 34 Victoria, a 38 convertible, finally an all-out 41 Ford truck. 

Before leaving the Prowlers I acquired a lot of rare vintage Prowler gear and items, some from day 1.  Most went back to a current Prowler member.  I’m lucky, no bucket list.  Losing control at 173 MPH in my GTR sorta solved that.  Thanks for the Prowler experience!