President's Message

It is July 2021. The SD Prowlers are doing well. We continued to meet throughout the Kung Flu pandemic outdoors in El Monte Park (Lakeside, CA.)

The venue seems to suit us well. We have entertained going back to the restaurant who always welcomed us to use their banquet room but have opted to stay in the park. Attesting to So Cal reputation for nice weather, we have not missed a meeting and at least half the members drive their hot rods.

Heading into 2022 and contemplating our 75th anniversary, we are being encouraged by our contemporaries to host another picnic.

We have reserved El Monte Park, Section 4 on June 4th, 2022.

We will keep you posted here. Until then, Keep the Shiney Side Up!

Want to Become a Member?

Are you interested in becoming a member but still have some questions? For more information, just email us at . We look forward to hearing from you!



Upcoming Events Short List !

Labor Day  Swap @ Santee Drive-in

Oct 3-5      Del mar Good Guys

May 5      Freddy Castro Remembrance

June 4     Prowler 75th Anniversary

Paul Bos

Paul Bos was voted an honorary Prowler member in April 2019. 


Paul: The Prowler membership wants to thank you and express our gratitude for your unsolicited support over those many years. The knives you donated were the highlight of our raffles in the heyday of those picnics out at the Cajon Speedway. 

Paul is a local El Cajon, California guy. He worked for Buck Knives for 40 years as their Chief Metallurgist. He is highly regarded in that area as you can read in the articles below.

Paul voluntarily produced and donated commemorative Buck knives to the Prowlers for their 40th, 50th, and 60th anniversaries and other events. They were prizes for the annual Picnic raffles and other presentations.

Over the years the club has come to retain a few of those prized knives. Two are in the club display window at the NHRA museum in Pomona, Ca.

This is the 50th anniversary knife with the Prowler icon roadster cutout in the blade.

Here is the 60th year anniversary knife.


Paul is also a hot rodder. Here is his nice flathead powered Ford pickup.

and a fun 1926-7 Model T phaeton. 

More About Paul Bos


Paul Bos


Paul Bos, the man who defined heat treating of knife blades like no other, will retire from Buck Knives effective June 1.

The 70-year icon has been heat treating blades since the 1950s, including the custom knives of Blade magazine Cutlery Hall-of-Famer Al Buck. Bos started Certified Metal Craft in 1969, which handled the heat treat needs in the immediate southern California area. Bos attended the first Knifemakers Guild Show in 1971 and struck up lifelong friendships with many Guild members, including Cutlery hall-of-Famers Bob Loveless, Buster Warenski and Frank Centofante, as well as Ted Dowell, Jim Nolen, and many others servicing their heat treat needs. In the 1970s, Bos helped Buck set up its in-house heat-treat department and basically has been Buck’s heat treat guru ever since, not to mention being the custom knife industry’s heat-treating-go-to-guy. Paul Farner, whom Bos has trained for 10 years will assume Bos’s role at Buck.

Bos will continue in an advisory role to Buck as well to the custom makers who need his expertise. He will retire with wife Sallie to Prescott, Arizona, where they can spend more time with their grandchildren and Paul can treasure hunt in the desert.

“I love this industry and most everybody in it” Bos smiled. “I want to thank them all for letting me do something I love.”

Blade Magazine July 2010