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Upcoming Events Short List !

May 5    Freddy Castro remembrance

June 9   Early Times picnic 

Good-Guys Del Mar Nats 2015 & the San Diego Prowlers

The GoodGuys have chosen to feature the San Diego Prowlers Car Club at this season's get together April 10, 11, 12, 2015 in Del Mar.  The Prowlers are honored to receive this recognition. Drop by our indoor display of members cars and our history booth and say "hi!". Look for the large Prowler banner.


THE GOODGUYS ROD AND CUSTOM ASSOCIATION CAR SHOW IN                                                    DEL MAR 2015

The Good Guys asked the Prowlers to participate in the April 2015 show in Del Mar, California.  This was a real special opportunity for a bunch of old guys.

Rear, left to right: Steve Waldron, Marty Moore, Ace Carnahan, Jeff Walls, Bob Smith, Marty Simonides, Les Hilgers, Bill Larson, Johnny Vinta, and Bob Stewart. Front, left to right: Monte Hale, Jim Reid and Andy Bechek.