President's Message

It is the end of 2019. The SD Prowlers are entering our 73rd year driving souped up old Fords and enjoying every minute of life.

The Prowlers hot rod club have chosen a new president so it is time to begin another chapter in this book.

The roaring 20s are just around the corner. Look forward to more traditional hot rod fun!


ps: Hey we have a very nice 2020 calendar available.  There are three pages dedicated to our history and the rest are pictures of our contemporary "driven daily" hot rods...all on nice paper and excellent photography of course. The cost is $10 . If we have to take it to the Post Office add $5. If interested email 

Want to Become a Member?

Are you interested in becoming a member but still have some questions? For more information, just email us at . We look forward to hearing from you!



Upcoming Events Short List !

Jan 24-6  GNRS @ Pomona Fairplex

Feb 20-2  Big 3 Swap Meet

Apr 3-5    Del mar Good Guys

May 5      Freddy Castro Remembrance

San Diego Prowlers Permanent Display at the NHRA Museum

A great honor was bestowed on the Club recently.  The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) invited the San Diego Prowlers to display our club history in their permanent museum in Pomona (east of Los Angeles, CA).  This is an honor the club is very greatful for, so we collected some of our thousands of vintage hot rod photos and headed north.

Andy Bekech, the clubs historian,  has just finished setting up a display for the Prowlers at the NHRA Museum in Pomona, CA. The display has everything from a couple of the first club jackets to the latest club knife designed and donated by Paul Bos. Here are a couple of shots of that display.  Once again the club would like to say thanks to Andy for helping put the San Diego Prowlers in the hot rod history books ! Great job Andy!

The book with the 1949 club minutes is on display.  It shows a line drawing, in the margin, the club plaque to be designed and cast.  That design is still the same we use today.